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About us?


We are Business Linker.

Our role is to facilitate your access to the French Riviera market by opening the doors of the local network and to help you in your development.

Our direct approach in Networking allows a targeted relationship with the economic players in the French Riviera through our personalized support.

Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized companies, coming from all sectors of activity, established locally, or else from other regions of France or abroad, wishing to set up, expand or generate new business opportunities on the French Riviera: Monaco, Alpes Maritimes (06) ...

Our Know-How and Expertise

• 20 years of expertise experience in private and public domains in France and abroad

• Our know-how is linked to the support of companies in new markets (incoming / outgoing), to the attractiveness of the territory and its promotion abroad.

• We have the knowledge of the local economic and institutional web business.

• We have good interpersonal skills

Devise de BtoB connections

Our Slogan

• The Relationships as the Share Capital
 To work in Network mode

Observations : 
- "One is more uncomfortable when one has to introduce oneself, to sell oneself, to be a plaintiff of something rather than a third person".
- "When one knows nobody or few people, one often stays in one's comfort zone, and one often finds oneself speaking only with one's own network".

Our Added Value

Our strength is based not only on our know-how but also on our qualités
• Interpersonal skills
• Listening
• Pragmatism
• Adaptability to any level of interlocutor
• Intercultural skills : French and International
• International mobility
• Availability

We are also fluent in French and Italian

Our commitments

Time saving

Customer Valuation

Targeted contacts, privileged relationships

Find the right partners for your business

To be introduced to the most influential & better targeted business networks / clubs according to our clients' needs

Our Partners

Our partners are national or foreign: business clubs, applications, institutional, network marketing, federations, associations, ...

You wish to become our partner, contact-us !

BtoB connections : your ideal partner for your business and develop your contacts

And You ?

Choose the situations which suit you :

□ You have difficulty in penetrating the market of the French Riviera and / or Monaco

□ You do not have the time to search for events or business clubs that meet your expectations and needs

□ In networking, you often lose time because you can not reach the right person

□ You are not comfortable in a networking, when you  know nobody or few people

□ You do not know how to introduce yourself or you are not efficient in convincing

And discover our solution for your needs : 

After you have answered, if you identify yourself in at least one of the categories, then you have the privilege of being part of our preferred target of favorite darling customers ranked on a top 5 in the following ranking :

1 positive response   : Client TOP 5

2 positive answers    : Client PRIORITY

3 positive answers    : Client PRIVILEGE

4 positive answers    : Client CHOUCHOU

5 positive replies        : Client n°1

With BtoB connections, all the winners deserve the 1st place!

Also we offer you a privileged service corresponding to your priorities, while pampering you to stand out number 1 of the top 5 !

BtoB connections : your ideal partner for your business and develop your contacts


Our tailor-made intervention :

1 • Definition of your specifications

2 • Research and pre-selection of local business events, business clubs, adapted to your needs & expectations of the moment or to your targets of prospecting

3 • Preferred support

4 • Direct support on the ground in networking : breakfast, lunch, seminar, workshop, afterwork, cocktail, conference, ...

5 • Introduction of the customer by a personal enhancement to previously targeted contacts

6 • Organization of one-to-one "meeting" and individual accompaniment to the 1st "rdv"

7 • Business proponent (pre-sales, future sales, sales development)

Extended benefits

Partner offer that allows our customers, several bridges and connections to participate in the events of the other business clubs, for an adapted cost without being member

Provide keys, tricks and tools for effective networking:

• The 5 worst mistakes to not commit,

• How to enter into conversation with a stranger,

• How to get out of a group or person bribe,

• To say just enough to just arouse curiosity and interest

BtoB connections : your ideal partner for your business and develop your contacts


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l'internationalisation des entreprises
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BtoB connections : your ideal partner for your business and develop your contacts


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